Adding uploaders to the official account is a combination of different profiles with each other.

What is the connection profiles? Profiles from the time of the merger will belong to one group, whose name is the name of the website. Adding to the group and unsubscribe from it is completely free, safe and accessible at any time.

Such a merger may make only the owner of the official account as "admin / owner" - information about setting up the official accounts are here: account official

The combination of accounts requires okrślonych steps from both the uploader and the site owner.

As the uploader:

1st Login to your account

2nd On the Edit Account page, type the web address that you want to join your profile.

3rd Contact the administrator entered the website with a request to be added to the group of uploaders and podeślij him your name!

4th Wait for the administrator's response, confirming the addition of your profile, and then accept the message about the connection account that appears on the account management - Account management

WARNING! Without placing the correct address of the website in your account will not be possible to combine profiles! Profile owner as uploader must have the same addresses of the parties in the "web site"

As an admin:

1st Login to your account - Login

2nd Enter the address of your page and make the verification - verification of the

3rd Select the profile official - official profile activation

4th Go to the "linked account" (bookmark profile visible only to the official who verified the website)

5th The user search form, search for user login, you want to add to a group of uploaders, then click "ADD"

6th When the user confirms the desire to belong to a group of uploaders, his nickname will be listed in this section.

WARNING! Finding the user will be possible only if the user entered the web address the same as the administrator!

You can be uploader / owner of only one page at a time! To change the web page, simply change the address in the box "web site".