Verification parties may only administrators, owners, webmasters or bloggers.

Verification page allows access to the profile oficjalngo. More information about the official profile - how to create an official profile

After entering the correct website address (the address should start with http://!) You can go to the following statement:

Verification begins when you press the link "Review" (below the "Website") and consists of 3 steps:

1st Verify the address.

The first checks the correctness of the entered address - whether introduced web site exists and is active. The test starts as soon as zaczęciu first hand verification.

After successful verification of the message should appear in green color that contains information about the server's response, which is a party, namely:

http://twoja-strona - HTTP 1.0 200 OK

Or similar claims on the server. Confirming success of this step is the green message

If the received message will be red, it means that the web address you entered is incorrect, or currently do not have access to your website.

2nd Choosing how to verify the site owner.

In this step, there are two possibilities to confirm the owner of Internet web as:

a) inserting html code

After selecting the first option will be the HTML code to paste into html code of the website in such a place that was available throughout the site, including on the homepage.

HTML code to insert on the page generates with the start of this step! HTML code is unique and assigned to your profile ONLY!

Suggested position of the tip is to place the code section, "body", so just before the closing znacnzikiem

The code is only a html comment, so it does not contain any elements that are visible on the page, the code is 100% safe and niekolizyjny with other page elements. You can paste it anywhere on the page.

After inserting the html code onto the page, press the "NEXT"

b) upload the file to the server

In this step, the file will be available a unique, assigned solely to your profile that will be possible to download. Once downloaded, place it on the server at the root of the website so that it is available from the address from your main page, for example:

When you put the file on the server, click "NEXT"

3rd Save the settings.

After successful completion of step 2 is displayed on the correct site verification. From now on, your site has been assigned to your profile. So you can use the full functionality of your account!

WARNING! After closing the mini-window in which the verification took place, be sure to save the current settings of the form, click "SAVE" at the end of the form!